It takes one incredible team to be able to operate a radio station 24/7, with the main focus on inspiring all who listen.  This team is extremely hard working and dedicated to the goals and visions we have set here at WMAP Radio.  Without any part of this team we would be lost. Thank you all for being some of the "Worlds Most Amazing People"

Capriana McMurray


Capriana McMurray is a regular host at WMAP Radio. She has also appeared on the FM show "World’s Most Amazing People" with KC Armstrong. With a degree in TV Broadcasting, she strives to continue her career goals by working in various media outlets. You can hear her weekdays from 1-6 PM on WMAPRADIO.com interviewing the incredible guests that grace our airwaves. 
Kellie Koch
Kellie was born and raised on Long Island. From an early age she fell in love with music and the DJ's that played that music over the radio. Her love of music led her to a lifestyle of attending concerts on a very regular basic, writing for a music themed publications and accruing a large collection of vinyl. Kellie co-hosts her own podcast and loves the art of interviewing. However her biggest love is her Boston Terrier Rocco!
Virginia Bartol
Booking manager & editor
Virginia Bartol is the station Gramma. She makes sure everyone is happy and well-fed. Her duties include answering mail, encouraging amazing people to interview, and babysitting the station’s furry staff members while KC is on the air. Virginia is fully committed to the station. She is a writer, explorer, traveler and philanthropist who admires the qualities of honesty, dedication and resilience in WMAP’s clients and listeners. 
Autumn ann
Autumn Ann was with WMAP Radio at the start up of this station and played an integral role in creating the look and feel of WMAP. Handling everything from the website to social media, the booking calendar and even making sure we stayed on the air, she was one of the pieces that helped make WMAP the successful radio station it is today. She has been working in graphic and web design for almost 20 years, and also has a photography business that highlights her creative side. Now back on board doing what she loves most, Autumn is once again the force behind the face of WMAP.
Hi my Name is Kenve, and my nickname is Kimbee. I'm a retired service dog who loves to eat vanilla ice cream, carrots, and basically anything my mommy likes. I love riding in the jeep, chewing my bones, going to the beach and laying in the sun. I also enjoy sleeping on the bed and being friends with everyone.... And really all I want is love. 
Hi! My Name is Henry, Henny for short. I am a playful 2 year old pup who loves to play with all types of balls, Soccer and tennis balls being my favorite. I love swimming, galloping through the water like a gazelle and we can't forget going to the beach. That is probably one of my favorite things to do. I have been told that I am slightly spoiled, but I get away with it cause I'm cute. I'm always looking for attention and someone to play with me, and when I don't get my way, I mope around and cry.
My name is George. I'm a grey and white Polydactyl cat, which means I have extra toes. 7 toes on each of my front feet to be exact.  So, I automatically believe I am better than all of my 8 cat siblings cause have the most toes, and I also had a Book Club. Sadly my show was cancelled. Either way, I still feel I am superior to my other siblings. I love to share your food, cuddle and be right in your face no matter where you are.
"Mr. Beakman"
Hi, My Name is Mr. Beakman. I'm a Bird. I've been told I'm a Starling. My mom saved me when I fell from my nest an landed on the front doorstep at only 2 days old.  I am now a happy feathered bird who enjoys fruit, singing to the oldies, taking showers with my mom, sitting on the microphone and doing "DJ Bird" and flying around the studio.  

A special thanks to RadioGuestList.com for their connection to many amazing guests!