Weeknights @ 7PM EST

KC Armstrong, World's Most Amazing People

Broadcast on LI News Radio, 103.9 FM


Featuring guests and stories from WMAP Radio meant to impel and inspire our listeners. Join KC as he takes his audience along for the journey with some of the World's Most Amazing People!

Frequently Played @ 7PM EST

KC and the Coach w/Co-Host, Coach Dearrion Snead

KC and the Coach promo.jpg

Hold onto your seats, because when these two team up anything goes! From politics to racism, football, women and everything under the sun -- KC and his high school football coach, Dearrion Snead are sharing stories and opinions not for the faint of heart. Don't miss it!

Tuesdays @ 5PM EST

Margot Garant, The Mayor's Corner


Tune in every Tuesday at 5pm as Margot Garant joins us to cover all things "Port Jeff". Getting to the heart of what affects the people of Port Jeff Village and covering the topics residents want to hear about.