Interviews with 13 inspiring women who fought with everything they had to find peace, purpose, and survival.

You are one read away from healing your heart

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Simply Amazing Women, Second in K.C Armstrong's Simply Amazing Series

K. C. Armstrong, former cast member of the Howard Stern Show, has done a 180 degree turn with his life. He is now the proud owner of WMAP Radio, a station dedicated to inspiring and celebrating the triumph of human spirit over adversity. He interviews people who have faced incredible hardships only to become a greater version of themselves in the process.



Simply Amazing Women continues celebrity radio host K. C. Armstrong's theme of human resilience which was first developed in Simply Amazing Special Author's EditionThis time his focus is upon our wives, sisters, mothers and grandmothers: women of strength, passion, and wisdom. Each interview showcases a woman who courageously faced severe personal challenges and ultimately directed the experience to benefit others. Each woman, in her own chapter, discusses a life event that could easily make a person give up. Armstrong gently leads each interviewee through personal and painful disclosures to share with us hard-won wisdom. Instead of ending in bitterness, each chapter leaves us stronger, filled with compassion and hope. In the end we are assured that we are enough; we have whatever we need to create our own best lives within ourselves.


Collectively, these women have established charities, worked in suicide prevention and mental health, taught holistic and spiritual healing, spoken internationally about empowering women, and just so much more. But you learn how they found their life’s callings once you see their early battles, and each chapter brings the reader a new friend and life coach, as well as renewed confidence in her own abilities



Simply Amazing Women. second in K. C. Armstrong's Simply Amazing series. continues his themes of human resiliency and inspiration needed more than ever today. Each of the 13 interviews showcases women who courageously faced severe challenges and ultimately used the experience for the benefit of others. It's not just about being a survivor, it's about surviving to ease the path of others. Woven together by celebrity host and fellow survivor, K. C. Armstrong (formerly of the Howard Stern Show), published to celebrate and honor our mothers and grandmothers-women of strength, passion and wisdom.



As a new world replete with fear, death, and division emerges, there is no better time for reading and considering this book's underlying message about not just survival, but building and rebuilding a better life from the ashes of disaster.

"Very highly recommended" by the Midwest Book Review



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